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Friday, 15 June 2012

Waking up In Wonderland (shoot)

 The theme for this shoot was one Alice and I had been thinking about for a long time. She wanted to shoot in dilapidated old house, and we came across the perfect one in our home town of Skibbereen. The own had long since passed away but no one had come to move her possessions. Stacks of clothes and photos, dust covered chairs, unopened mail, unfinished lipsticks tubes littering the bathroom shelves. We moved among it, being careful not to move things and to respect a house that had been frozen in time.

This was a chance for me to take makeup and hair to a new level. We wanted it to be creepy, haunting, beautiful yet vaguely worrying., like the house itself. The concept was dolls so I took each model down a different root. One became a marionette, with a sequined face and wild rik raked hair. Another become a doll, porcelain features and wide blinking eyes. The last become a clown, rhinestones eyebrows and a wide painted smile. Each look chosen to mimic the theme of a haunting nostalgic childhood buried beneath layers of dust.

This is one of my favourite shoots to date! Enjoy!

Photographer: Kestutis
Designs+Styling: Alice Haliday (assisted by Rosa O)
Hair and Makeup: Rosa O
Models: Chloe (Lockdown)

Featured in Flawless Magazine

Following photos by Aoise Tutty
(credits as above)

Check out the video Aoise made here:


'A wake' :: Alice Halliday Fashion Film from Aoise Tutty on Vimeo.

The Graduate

Hair and Makeup for Lilly's Graduation,
nothing beats a beautiful hot set!

And a 40's style makeup, set and victory rolls
for her sister Rose.

Rosa O x
Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Backstage at the Crane Lane

Behind the scenes snaps of the making of Alice Halidays 2012 s/s lookbook

Memoirs of a Geisha

Inspiration: Adele

Adele for Vogue UK

Moving Pictures

My first attempt at a video! I'm planning on making tutorials but was too scared to jump in head first, instead this is a VERY fast version of how I do a regular retro look!

Enjoy :-)


Recently did an amazing "Love shoot" with the wonderful Christina Brosnan,
based on my all time favourite movie "Breakfast at Tiffanys"!

More pictures here on her blog....

and we got a mention on One Fab Day!

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