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Friday, 15 April 2011

Easter shoot

I took part in an amazingly fun Easter tea party shoot in Athy recently.

I went along with the lovely Pearl of Pearl and Godiva

And it was shot by the wonderful Lisa O'Dwyer who has put up all 130 photos and credited all the Esty suppliers who sent in stuff for the shoot! I am very taken with the queen of cuffs amazing creations. Was a little tempted to leg it with a pair at the end of the day but of course I was too worried I'd get caught! ;-)


I've uploaded makeupy/hair ones onto my Flickr but you should check out the whole set so you can get a glimpse of some bunnies!

We also very excitingly got this beautiful video by Rodolphe of Best Day Productions.

Check it!

secretgarden from 3550 lux studio on Vimeo.


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